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British Swimming states that an effective swim training scheme for elite swimmers requires the following:
  1. To achieve their best, each swimmer must train a minimum number of hours per week.
  2. 4 to 24 hours per week are required, building progressively as the swimmer develops.
  3. All involved in swimming from parents to swimming pool centre management need to be educated in LTAD principles to allow the best outcomes for all swimmers to be achieved.
  4. Swimming is predominantly aerobic, so each session needs to be 2 hours in length to be effective
  5. Evening sessions need to finish by 7.30pm at the latest, to allow 10 hours rest before resuming training at 5.30am the next morning

POSS star Alex Dunk celebrating with the GB 200m Freestyle relay team after winning European Junior Championship Gold

Prescot Open Swimming Squad

The training program Helen Billington runs and delivers is aspiring to these requirements and the path Helen wishes to pursue and encourage youngsters and their parents to do the same. This is occurring with success at the moment with one swimmer on the Youth GB team; one swimmer on the World Class disability programme and aiming for Rio; one swimmer who has gone to the Deaflympics this year; two swimmers competing at national level and many more competing at Regional and County level, not to mention their commitment to representing their home town teams.

The Squad is open to all applicants, regardless of the Club they represent.

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